Friday, January 19, 2007

.NET in Decare Systems Ireland - January 2007 summary

It seems to me to be a pretty interesting idea to summarize every month where we are in Decare Systems with .NET and Team System
.NET 3.0 WCF - Yagiz Erkan, our chief architect, is evaluating it right now. He is looking into Java to .NET WCF interoperability, as well as into building WCF wrapper upon wide range of COM components.
.NET 3.0 WF - I'm currently applying WF to the existing code of batch files upload and processing. That involves both state machine and sequential workflow.
.NET 3.0 WPF - No development that I would be aware of at the moment. What is stopping us currently, is the need to install .NET3.0 redistributable on the client desktops, which we can't really manage ;(.
TFS - Alan Crowley is looking into moving multiple files between different projects and as I understand projects between servers. There is also a plan to move TFS to the different physical environment.
Continious integration with TFS - Brendan Lawlor, our process architect, ensures we can employ this nice concept for the .NET and legacy code as well.
VS2005 DB Pro - Again, Alan is an expert user of this one, utilizing it from the first preview available. Still, licensing for it seems to be so unfriendly, that we can hardly think about real use of it. Taking current licensing policy as kind of a mistake, we are waiting when MS will change its mind, so we can transit from Alan's evaluation to use company wide.
ASP.NET Ajax - I'd believe everybody is already onto RC version of it. It is a bit funny to follow MS making its mind what should be in the core package and what should not.
Spring.NET - We have been using it for a while and this month was really great for Spring.NET in Decare as Aleks Seovic, coauthor of this excellent framework, in person was giving a week long training for our developers and we had a chance to have few intensive discussions past and futures of the Spring.NET. Design by contract - Anthony Geoghegan, our framework architect, is using the idea in one of the projects on very advanced level.
Powershell - I'll need to find out who else in the company might be using it. Personally, I'm absolutely into it and astonished each time discovering new and new capabilities!
NHibernate - Putting this as the last as our expirience with this bit of technology is not really what we expected from the hype. By the time this project would achieve any maturity I believe LINQ will be in version 5 or so. Or would it die with LINQ v1? Probably task is just too complex for the few enthusiasts (even if brilliant) with day job to tackle in the evenings.
This it for a moment, I'll be investigating more through the company to see what else and who else ...

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