Thursday, May 24, 2007

Cool stuff this month

SandCastle With a GUI in place which resembles NDoc closely using the SandCastle was pretty straight forward. It seemed to be a little slower, documenting of about 15 packages with 200 classes took about 20 minutes! Also first try with the Html help 1.3 did not produce really nice result. Will be giving it another try with Html help 2.x soon. We will be integrating it soon as a part of a build process. Again the above mentioned GUI is great to put together parameters required for the automated build. Wiki RSS aggregation As our current project team is only 7 months old and we achieved the point where we created quite a big common code base we need to create some channel to communicate shared code changes. That is different from TFS source control notification as we need to describe the event more. Provide the link etc. Our process architect Brendan Lawlor came up with quite agile solution that may be absolutely sufficient for us: We can be creating change notes as "News" in the each developer personal space under certain label (like "code") and then have it aggregated via single rss feed. We will see how far we can go with this, but so far it looks very promising. Move string to resource Very nice tool that helps us to avoid hard-coded strings in the code:

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