Saturday, August 25, 2007

My facts sheet for VS2008 Beta 2

Seems to be more stable and consistent then DBPro v1. Now we use DBPro Beta2 to resolve problems and mess we are running into constantly with DBPro v1. Though our DBAs are still using DPBro v1.

Addins creation
Seemingly no changes, except for adding now a reference to one more DTE - DTE90 and refactoring parameter names in the AddIn methods (to fxcop compliant names, finally :)).

Running from virtual machine
I wish I had 4GB RAM, my dual-core 1800 is doing well processor-wise, so I believe I'm only short on memory with my 2GB.

Unit testing
Interestingly, vs now generates test class accessor:

public class TfsClient_Accessor : BaseShadow
    protected static PrivateType m_privateType;

    public TfsClient_Accessor();
    public TfsClient_Accessor(PrivateObject __p1);

    public static PrivateType ShadowedType { get; }
    public VersionControlServer versionControl { get; set; } 

Source control
"Advanced" button when adding solution to source control enables to map different projects and solution file to different folders, good!

Project references got an extra element for required target framework version (for example XLinq pointing to 3.5). A warning is shown when referencing such a project from another one that would have less requirements (like none). When creating standard class library it references now XLinq, System.Core, and some DataSetExtensions. Quite bad, when there is no reason for it - don't reference it!!

VS2008 Beta 2 readme:

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