Monday, March 10, 2008

XCOPY installation option for the .net oracle providers (ODP.NET) and basic client

After I had my machine.config and VS 2008 Futures addins completely screwed by the ODP.NET full installation, following turned out to be very non-intrusive and easy to setup option:

Oracle 11g ODAC with Xcopy Deployment:

Only 43MB to download, options for granular install, and only moves files around. "Installation" manual describes few post installation steps required, all about editing environment vars (don't forget to add TNS_ADMIN environment variable pointing into your tns directory)

note: do iisreset after "install" if your data access service is IIS hosted.

One more thing: If you run out of ideas with ORA-12154: TNS:could not resolve the connect identifier specifie, try re-formatting your failing record in tnsnames.ora, if you have all paranthesis etc, ok; Then know, spaces and tabs do matter!!!! And oracle engineers who wrote it, they really suck!! [Update, 16-Feb-2009] Today, the thing that helped was a restart, plsql developer was ok to connect immediately after install, but only start working after the restart.

Configuration: What's new from version to version: Oracle ODP.NET forum: Performance optimisation matters:

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