Monday, May 19, 2008

Using smart cards in .NET - Links

Overall quite nice approach described. No source code though for grab&go:

Good explanation of concepts and framework that should ease a start with it:

PC/SC Workgroup:

Professional .NET API, free for a non-commercial use:


Mihailo Lalevic said...

Hi Stan,
nice resources, however if you don't need PC/SC for some advanced smart card features/manipulation you can get away with Crypto Providers. I remember vaguely from my previous job that most of the Crypto API had been wrapped up or implemented in the .NET 2.0 so there shouldn't be much work required. As well if that is not good enough you can use Crypto API directly which is easier then any lower level API. In past I used PC/SC, smart card providers provided API, Crypto API and .NET providers and anything but .NET providers (Crypto API) is pain in behind.


Stanislav Dvoychenko said...

Thanks Mihailo,
any input on this subject helps as it doesn't seem that there is enough info/samples on web. Not sure right now how far I'll have to get down the road of pain.