Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Software House vs. In-house development - there is a vision of a paradise, but you might not fit!

InfoQ's newsletter is the only one I'm currently subscribed to and I dumped around 3-4 others during this year. My favorites there are process related articles and video.

I've been trying to answer a question to myself if "Software house development is better than In-house", and answer certainly is "it depends".
Although, I found the following InfoQ's video from Martin Fowler and Scott Shaw to be very related to what I'm trying to analyze. Overall, their presentation quality/information is excellent in my view. Scope is more generic though: specialized IT vs. Business success.

Here is the summary slide:


Indeed, what they are talking about is merging advantages of dedicated SW development with Business scoped development/needs. That would merge sophistication of SW house budget focus with genuine interest in business value of a software and business quality as a measure of a project success.

Although, however nicely it looks on the graph, I believe 2020 figure is not there just out of a blue, that reminds me of a Hodja Nasreddin's story (source:


Tamerlane was looking for someone to teach his donkey to talk. Nobody wanted the job. Finally the wise men of the dunes - Hodja Nasreddin took the position and promised to teach the donkey to talk in 10 years time.
- Are you crazy? his friends asked him.
- Not really, Hodja answered, the money is good the job is not hard and in 10 years a lot might happen: I might die, or Tamerlane might die or surely enough this old donkey might die.


You can recognize the IT guys by adding 2 more years to the Hodja's estimate! I'm a believer, god bless Martin and Scott (and me) with a good health, so we can all witness the vision coming real!

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