Friday, February 19, 2010

IronPython in SharpDevelop 3.2.0 – a short review on integration status

It is quite a shame that VS2010 itself is not providing any IDE support for IronPython and makes us look at Java based IDEs like Netbeans/Eclipse.

But still, for me nothing to complain as I picked IronPython only as my scripting language choice and can’t say that IDE-wise it is doing worse than Powershell for example.

Same valid for debugging – I believe Powershell and IronPython are both coming on par with debugging.

Here is the best post I have ever found on different IDEs options is from “IronPython in Action” guys:

And now back to SharpDevelop:


Just short recapitulation of my experience so far:

You can set breakpoint and it will stop on it, you can read more on setting debugging features here:

Intellisense works perfectly for .NET members but not for python syntax/members/variables. It would be great to have at least powershell gui kind of functionality where it shows all the members available in the separate window (with help on click).

When I tried to use 2.6.1 version of IronPython (the one for vs2010rc1), debugging stopped working with:

Can not start process. The debugger's protocol is incompatible with the debuggee. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8013134B)

Again, this is an open source project, so the best one can do seeing bugs or missing features is not complain BUT to contribute!! :):).

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