Sunday, February 7, 2010

My vote – the best ASP.NET MVC book

I should say that was the unique experience reading this book.

Imagine  Your friend, expert in the subject, sitting with you every day for as long as you want, giving you the first class knowledge and his own experience with how do you create ASP.NET MVC solutions. Not trying to feed you with excerpts from msdn for stuff he never tried himself, but pro-actively showing you the pitfalls to avoid and tricks/patterns to use. A friend with a wider outlook, offering you “wanna see how it works on Ruby or MonoRails” – who can decline!!??

Described above is “ASP.NET MVC in Action” book from Jeffrey Palermo, Ben Scheirman Jimmy Bogard.


Should say that guidelines and ideas provided by the book go much beyond ASP.NET MVC subject and are applicable in general in TDD/DDD areas. So it was a very good catch-up for me.

As for the new “words” I’m glad authors equipped me with “Hijax”, “progressive enhancement” in regard to javascript development, “Guid.comb”, “Gallio”. The final part on showing Gallio, MbUnit and WatiN together was really a breathtaker :).

P.S. Best for those with previous knowledge of ASP.NET.

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Anonymous said...

I would highly recommend Pro ASP.NET MVC Framework. Gave me great insight over the architecture design of MVC apps.