Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Silverlight 3/4– Making my mind on the school of thought for a project evolution

As Silverlight evolution is still very fluid in many areas it is quite a question which design/utility/composition framework to follow.

For myself I identified 3 main directions:

- Nikhil Kothari’s school of thought with his SilverlightFX framework: http://projects.nikhilk.net/SilverlightFX nikhil kothari
- Jeremy Likness with his continuous and iterative exploration/evolution on Silverlight/MEF/Prism/Unity. http://csharperimage.jeremylikness.com/  Blogheader

- Silverlight itself. Evolution from version 3 to 4 is pretty declarative. Inclusion of MEF, support for commands are making clear statement in further support for MVVM and DI.


After some analysis I decided to go the Jeremy’s way. Although I found Nikhil articles on Silverlight being very inspirational, SilverlightFx framework turned out to be quite heavier than what I really need at the moment. It incorporates a lot of Nikhil’s experience and scenarios he faced, but I’ll probably encounter a tiny ratio of that.

Jeremy’s recipes is what I need now. Although they could have been combined into a lightweight framework I like having the option of applying them as design idioms as I go. As well as it will be easier then to throw those additions away as they become obsolete by SL evolution.

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