Sunday, June 20, 2010

Android on mine HTC HD

Thanks to xda guys and project android I’m enjoying Android 2.1 on my HTC HD!
My startup.txt is:

set ramsize 0x10000000
set ramaddr 0x10000000
set mtype 2030
set KERNEL zImage
set initrd initrd.gz
set cmdline "lcd.density=210 msmts_calib=0x395.0x3c9.0x79.0x77 clock-7x00.a11=500 msmvkeyb_toggle=off pmem.extra=1 gsensor_axis=-2,-1,3 pm.sleep_mode=1 rel_path=andboot hw3d.force=0"

And after freezing few times on the initial setup screens, I just chose “Skip” everywhere and setup it later without that initial wizard.

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