Sunday, September 12, 2010

TIBCO and transactional implementations – friends or foes?


I should tell – I have witnessed several TIBCO implementations already and none of them were transactional (not even on the level of writing to the EMS queue). Don’t know, companies provided the implementations were different in few cases and I just kept asking those guys for why there is no transaction implemented?!

The funniest answer I was getting is that TIBCO has never implemented anything for a transaction. That is funny because TIBCO manuals show some transactional “boxes” you can surround your actions with pretty close to the start. And is not TIBCO by the way one of the members of WS-* committee including WS-Transaction?? And is not MS supporting XA-Transaction to interoperate with TIBCO et al?

This is pretty sad. And I believe one of the reasons is this education and information sharing model that TIBCO selected – very closed, very snob.  After some ultra expensive week long courses you are becoming a “professional” ready to cope with the “toughest” implementations. But unfortunately the knowledge of connecting shapes with arrows probably is not the most important and TIBCO has nothing to tell to those guys as I see for how enterprise apps should be built, including the value of transactions, SLAs and ability to TEST and profile/instrument your apps.

That plays then pretty much against the company itself, given it is probably the most innovative and ahead looking SOA/BPM/Workflow organization.

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