Friday, January 21, 2011

A different take on a release version tracking – a prologue.

Somehow over years I got fed up a bit with AssemblyInfo based version tracking. After trying solutions with checkout/check-in to tfs or keeping info in the separate file, I just felt that it is not simple enough.

As this time I also decided to give a strong preference to msi/wix based release and deployment, I started to look for some other way to mark assemblies and possibly other files with a version. Why would not my wix custom action embed version information into file properties of every file I deploy? Like:


I wanted to make some space for the Label, machine and account names. Then I wanted to have an “audit” record for who and when installed the release.

And if dll was built on a local dev machine, I’d like to see it too:


Surely, this is more than [assembly: AssemblyInformationalVersion("whatever extra info")] can provide me with.

This is just a prologue, solution to my experiment to come with the next entry.

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lusk said...

keeping my fingers crossed for you ;-)