Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fake Appstore reviews? In Bulks? Didn't know this is possible

Me naive! Didn't know you can really fake AppStore reviews. And in bulks! And you can probably automate the process! Here is a screenshot, it is in Czech language, but that is exactly why it is clear they are fake. So bear with me, I'll give more explanation.

None of the 4-5 star reviews is "language correct". They are all auto-translated to czech language, with all the funny auto translation bugs :).

On top, there is a review from a real user, giving it 1* saying the app is total crap and comments are fake.

There are more 1* reviews on top (you bet all those are pure czech with very colourful language in direction to a seller, for a scam):

All of the auto-translated reviews were posted on 10th of Feb, looks like it took up to 11 day to first real users to get to the app and download it just driven by rating (which one of them is referring to as an appstore bug). But reviews from 10th of Feb made their job and app shows up in top 25 on the iphone in czech market. All people who downloaded were actually surprised by rating not corresponding to the "reality" they used to, so I hope this all is really just a huge recent exception from the otherwise quite clean AppStore.

Scratching my head and leaving more thinking for tomorrow ...

Yours, Stan.

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