Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ooouch, I want better UX with Html5 video!

Learning knockoutjs MVVM right now to apply in some areas of our project. So after going through WOW-factored online and interactive tutorial at, I also ran into the following video on channel9:

Great video, though when I paused it in my Chrome (18.0), audio continued, video paused. All subsequent manipulation with this video was not possible.

Ok, I thought, let’s try FireFox, my choice #1 on windows. And to my surprise I saw the following:


At least, not a bad fallback solution from channel 9 (I guess this fallback is one of the main UX scenarios with HTML 5 nowadays :):))

The message says IE9+ is required and as I’m on windows XP, my final option is Silverlight.

Ok, I have Silverlight installed though, let’s try in IE8 yes? Same screen as in Firefox, wtf?!

Ok, lets install Silverlight. Trying:

Oh, I’m screwed. Will stick to the nice interoperable and working everywhere javascript version of knockoutjs tutorial. God bless javascript as the only current really interoperable platform!?

And I’m yet to witness yet single of the promises one would expect from Silverlight existence.
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