Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Windows Marketplace – Putting people first, UX last

A former colleague of mine – Tomas McGuiness started an interesting project I May Be Late, to make your travel on London Tube more predictable and comfortable. Interesting from technical perspective as well as he covers Windows Phone and iPhone clients and runs on Windows Azure as far as I understand.

This made me actually wondering about how his windows phone app looks like. So naively I navigated to windows marketplace on web. OMG, if you don’t want to sell anything, do it MS way!

I have a Mac, I don’t know if I have ever installed Silverlight before but I was greeted with:

That’s where 99% of users would bounce away? Ok, I really wanted to see his app. So I clicked on Yes (lets upgrade Silverlight):

What??!! It is like my whole life purpose is about having Silverlight on my Mac?! I can view a video on how to uninstall the previous version?! Thanks, how handy!

+1 for Apple for not making it easier for Mac users to jump over barriers to see Windows Phone Marketplace.
- googol to MS for creating all of the possible barriers for users of other platforms (and may be quite a few of their own) to see how cool apps might be present on the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Want to kill your online presence? Use Silverlight outside of your intranet!

P.S. This post is written in Windows Live Writer and I’m yet to find better blogging app, so I’d plus MS back with googol –1 :).

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