Friday, August 24, 2012

AppStore fake reviews - God protect customers

Can I shout more?! Fake reviews on the AppStore work in a way - get 3 fake 5* launch reviews on US AppStore, 2 5* reviews on others. That will get you to "What's Hot" in that market as minimum. If you are lucky, Apple invites you to "New&Noteworthy".

Then be prepared for getting real users' reviews - "WTF, this app is crap and doesn't work!".

Have no worries, your Indian or Belorussian farm will respond with 5-6 5* star reviews to counter balance!

Nothing you can't fix with fake reviews! 

Ooh, Apple, pleeease! HELP! What is the chance for a fair made app to get to the users!? Pretty much zero! ZEERO!

Android has its problems, though it seems to me at times that fragmentation of devices and OS's may not be that bad for the fair indie dev as fake reviews and corrupted AppStore might be!!! Would it happen be Steve still with us?! Don't believe it! Or don't want to believe it!

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