Thursday, April 14, 2016

xcode - Configure for analyzing. The scheme is not configured for analyzing.

I'm used to run analyzing cycle on my apps when moving closer to their public release. This time xcode (7.3 (7D175)) greeted me with:

"Edit the scheme to enable analyzing, or cancel the action." with that "Edit Scheme ..." was not opening anything and I didn't notice anything extra in the schema editor to enable analyzing.

I even created a clean new project to see if error would be present there as well, and it was.

So after scratching my head a bit I just set a RUN_CLANG_STATIC_ANALYZER as true for the target/build where I needed it:

This way I got the static analysis messages back.

Hope this can help someone!

Update. Or as Jaime Santana commented, just "launch Analysis from the menu option Menu -> Product -> Analyze". Thank you Jamie, that worked!

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