Sunday, July 15, 2007

Spring.NET in Decare System Ireland. Draft.

Spring.NET is currently probably the most interesting open source framework extending .NET in the areas of AOP and Dependency Injection (DI).

We have been using Spring.NET for 8 months now in the "fork" mode, having branched the source for own use and customizations.

The return of investment to Spring.NET has definitely fulfilled our expectations and we are trying now to get closer to the active contribution.

Our current focus is onto following areas:

  1. Make AOP for WCF work,
    Though DI can be solved via standard WCF extensibility mechanism we are looking now into the issue connected to the copying the attributes from the original type to the AOP proxy.
  2. Make the context refreshable.
    Even if context has got a Refresh method, there is no external or internal hooks/events right now for how invoke it. That would be a file system watcher, remote interface, time, or ASP.NET cache dependencies.
  3. Performance and memory profiling.
  4. "Lazy" web context


We are quite committed to help the Spring.NET community throughout the testing to feature based activities.

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