Friday, June 8, 2012

A story of an iPhone app rejection – x2

The purpose of this story is to recap my experience with Apple App Review Team to build some knowledge base for myself and hopefully others.

First rejection happened to be with an update to my free app Here&Near – Location notes and GPS tools two months ago. The reason for rejection was app name in info.plist as Here & Near, whilst in app store I was going with Here&Near at the start. I went through “Metadata rejection” changing name of my app in itunes connect, after fixing it took reviewer 7 days before my update was reviewed. And I’m not sure if any role was played by the fact that I pinged the Review Team after 6 days of waiting.

Second rejection happened to me a day ago. It is about my new app Speedometer Speed Alert and this story is more interesting to learn from.
After 5 working days waiting for review, I got into review around 10am Cupertino’s time. All nervous I was waiting for 5 hours until news came from the Review Team. App was rejected for the reason of “having location in UIBackgroundmode but not using persistently location services when in background”. After very prompt exchange of messages via resolution center and creating an appeal I got to explain that my speedometer only use background location tracking when user explicitly switches this mode on.

I provided the team with details on how to switch this mode on and my app went from Rejected to Waiting for Review and to In Review instantly. It was about 5.30pm their time and next Cupertino's morning my app went to Approved! Yupiee!

I'm glad I woke up CET deep night to tackle issues with the review team and I'm totally satisfied with their approach.

What are my lessons:
- When using UIBackgroundMode and not tracking location or playing audio in background by default, provide Apple Review Team ahead of a review with explanation on how to switch the background execution on.

To try next time:
- Next time, I'll try to watch the resolution center messages directly not waiting for email to come. The first message from review team was recorded in resolution center at 11.20am Cupertino's time while I got rejection email 4.30pm their time. I'll try to see next time when this Resolution center links starts to appear and if by chance, there will not be some messages there ahead of the email.

The story continues with my other app rejection story :)

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