Sunday, October 14, 2012

UX, UX, UX and bad reviews in AppStore

I got that really bad review in UK's AppStore:

did not work at all save your money 
did not work at all sent two text for help but no replies so save your money John H

First, I felt quite lost. "That can't be true!" I was telling myself. I respond to all of my users within 30 minutes when I don't sleep and it might take ~8 hours when it is night by Central European Time. 

There is a certain UX problem I currently have with my app that every 100th customer understands the fact I don't show the speed in my speedometer when there is no GPS lock as app malfunction. There is a GPS indicator showing red and reading OFF when there is no signal, but still, I've started to fix it.

When I reread once again, the part "sent two text for help but no replies" rang my bell quite a bit! I have following options in my app:

So the user tapped on S.O.S, ignored the header "Sent my location", saw the sms window open with his location to share and tried to send it out. I have no idea what phone number he sent that location info to. He obviously tried it twice, getting more frustrated each time, which resulted in that 1* review.

Lesson taken! I'm now changing that S.O.S to "Share my location" and "Feedback" to "Feedback & Support":

A big lesson for me again. I already learnt with my first UX problem that whatever can be misinterpreted by user, will be misinterpreted.

I only have wished it would not take another 10 days to get the updated version into AppStore :). 

Here is free version on my speedo, if you want to judge for yourself :) :

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