Friday, December 7, 2012

The state of technical blogging - my 5 cents

I know I have not been blogging here for some time already. But... same is valid for my friends and ALL of those guys I have in my blog roll and rss subscription. Individuals ... It is a bit sad to see how that content aggregation is taking over. Stackoverflow, Ray Wenderlich etc, content aggregation is a current way to rule the technical information delivery it seems.

For myself, I'm missing my friends and those independent bloggers sharing their raw thoughts and being authors instead of competing for points on those super sites. It is sad for me hearing how those 100k+ points on stackoverflow make you a celebrity. I hope one day I see as many new entries in my rss subscriptions as there used to be 3 years ago, when this blogging stuff was novel and everyone could blog his heart out.

When it comes to stackoverflow, I have that feeling of stagnation already over those rules and big brother style of those 100k+ guys bullying/editing novices. Some kind of artificial new elite editing and voting down everybody else's entries.

I'd like to believe into the next level of content aggregation to be brought by Google based onto individual bloggers entries, not rated/edited by any snob 100k+ reputation guys but live comments and feedback of readers. I feel like stackoverflow filled the gap at some point, but this is it. There is something rotten in that style of aggregation, and its smelling worse and worse I believe...

Let's see what's next, but I hope that future where my friends are blogging again as they were 3 years ago will come...

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