Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Me, a troll! My recent MS experience :)

If I had to show one example for all for my recent Microsoft experience as a developer and user, here it is. The welcome page in VS 2015 opening the xml feed when you click on "More news":

I will not be telling here how I'm trying to keep my ASUS tablet in sync with time after upgrading to Windows 10. The above is enough declaration of "we are not for humans" and "we don't really care" :). 

This is me, a troll in the MS land. I used to be a regular guy here. Sorry. I'm working hard on my escape plan now.


P.S. To my problem with Windows 10 time. Given how different apps in windows fail differently based on that time sync problem and learning Erlang at the moment, it was quite up to point to read about Erlang time here:, wishing you a good read! :).

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